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A Whole Lotta Trey: The Reboot  (2020)

"A Whole Lotta Trey: The Reboot" is a short one-person-does all experimental comedy produced by Ten House Productions. 

Summary: In this humorous, experimental, one-person-does-all, nonsensical reboot of one of the first short films that I created nearly 20 years ago, four friends converse about their missing pal while watching one of their least favorite movies of all time.

Directed, Produced, Written, Edited, and Starring: Trey Huguley


Screening Info: 

"A Whole Lotta Trey: The Reboot" will screen February 28th at Prison City Film Festival in Huntsville, TX in screening group C1. 

We will post the short when it is available publically. In the mean time, here is the original that it is based off of:

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