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The Bitters Truth (2016)

Summary: In this short that was created as part of the 2016 Austin 48 Hour Film Project, Charlie reunites with his siblings to discover the surprise of a lifetime.


Elements that were required to be in the film...

Genre: Family Film

Line: "Oops. I guess I forgot to tell you"

Prop: Gift Character: Charlie Bitters, Author

Produced by: Trey Huguley, Kristen Huguley

Directed by : Trey Huguley and Andrew Porter

Starring: William B. Giffen, Kenneth Wayne Bradley, Shane Sobon, Holly Vogt Wilkeson, Jeremy Allen Rodriguez, Johnny and Katie Jones

Camera by: Andrew Porter

Edited by: Trey Huguley

Music: "Continue Life" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed Under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Festivals and Awards:

- Austin Comedy Film Festival

- Broken Knuckle FIlm Festival

- Austin Revolution Film Festival

- South Texas Underground FF

- Blackbird Film Festival

- Clean Shorts Film Festival

- Austin Revolution FIlm Festival (The fricking best fest)

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