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Canal (2017)

"Canal", a short silent film produced by Ten House Productions originally for the 2017 48 Hour Film Project Austin.


Summary: Wyatt and his musician friends try unorthodox methods of treatment after he wakes up and realizes he's lost one of his senses.


Genre: Silent FIlm


Character: Frank or Fiona Ruarke, musician


Prop: Turkey Baster


Directed by: Trey Huguley and Andrew Porter

Starring: Trey Huguley, William Giffen, and Holly Vogt Wilkison


48 Hour Film Project Required Elements:


Genre - Silent Film Line - "Let's make a plan."

Character - Frank Ruark, musician

Prop - turkey baster


Music: "Piano Cue One" Kevin MacLeod "Five Card Shuffle" Kevin MacLeod "Fun in a Bottle" Kevin MacLeod "Modern Jazz Samba" Kevin MacLeod "Doh De Oh" Kevin MacLeod "Lively Lumpsucker" Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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