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6:15 (2019)

"6:15", a short drama produced by Ten House Productions originally for the 2019 48 Hour Film Project Austin.


Summary: A man gathers his closest friends for strength to get through a defining moment in his life.


48 Hour Film Project Required Elements:

Genre: Drama

Character: Ryan or Rhianna Grenada, Doctor

Prop: Belt

Line of Dialogue:  "And Who the Hell are you?"

Directed by: Trey Huguley

Produced by: Trey Huguley, Kristen Huguley, Garrett Hargrove

Starring: Kenneth Wayne Bradley, Ellie McBride, Johnny Jones, Katie Jones, Patrick Vasquez

Crew: Scott Sneddon, Cathy Bradley, Garrett Hargrove

Written by: Trey Huguley and Garrett Hargrove

Awards and Credits:

- Best Film 

- Best Actor

- Best Director

- Best Use of Dialogue

- Best Use of Genre

Festival Run: 

- 48 Hour Film Project Austin

- Austin After Dark Film Festival

- Filmapalooza 2020

This film was shot as part of the 2019 Austin 48 Hour Film Project


Summary: With the support of his closest friends, Ben battles inner challenges in dealing with a painful loss.


Awards at 2019 Austin 48 Hour Film Project:

Winner - Best Film Winner - Best Actor Ken Bradley Winner - Best Use of Line of Dialogue Winner - Best Use of Genre Winner - Best Directing Awards at Filmapalooza: Nominated - Best Use of Genre Nominated - Best Use of Line of Dialogue


Starring: Kenneth Wayne Bradley Ellie McBride Johnny Jones Katie Jones Patrick Vasquez


Directed by: Trey Huguley


Written by: Trey Huguley


Garrett Hargrove


Produced by: Kristen Huguley Trey Huguley

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